Eco Paint

We take as many steps as possible to ensure our work is sustainable and environmentally friendly. But these eco initiatives do not sway the quality of what we do, in fact, they benefit our clients long after our services are complete.

Zero VOC Paints

VOCs are low-level toxic emissions and can be harmful in high doses. The paint we use from Sherwin Williams does not contain VOCs, ensuring the safety of its use in your home for years to come. Our paint does not jeopardize quality or longevity, which upholds the high standards we strive for.

A circled and crossed out VOC sign, paint can and recycling sign depicted by three joining arrows

Proper Disposal

We personally ensure that any excess paint is disposed of responsibly at a waste management site, ensuring the utmost safety. All tools and paint cans are properly recycled and unused paint is repurposed and given new life for other projects before being disposed.

Proud Supporter of A paint can covering the globe in red paint with the words Sherwin-Williams

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